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Eclipse SOA Platform for Java and SOA Developers

SOA Tools Platform Project

Project Mission

The mission of the SOA Tools Platform (STP) project is to build frameworks and exemplary extensible tools that enable the design, configuration, assembly, deployment, monitoring, and management of software designed around a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). The project is guided by the values of transparency, extensibility, vendor neutrality, community collaboration, agile development, and standards-based innovation. STP leverages the Service Component Architecture specification (SCA) as its model. STP is a natural complement to other Eclipse projects, such as the Web Tools Platform and Data Tools Platform, and reuses, as appropriate, components from these projects.

Active Projects

    The BPMN subproject provides an editor and a set of tools to model business processes diagrams using the BPMN notation.
    The STP Intermediate Metamodel (STP-IM)
    The STP Intermediate Metamodel (STP-IM) aims to facilitate the sharing of information between different editors in Eclipse STP.
    STP Policy Editor (POLICY)
    The STP policy editor is an Eclipse editor for editing WS-Policy content or other XML content that is based on XML-Schema with a graphical editor.
    The STP SCA subproject provides a graphical editor and a set of tools to model an SCA composite.