Oracle - BPM

甲骨文日前正式在臺發表新版BPM 11g,原生支援繪製流程的程式語言BPMN 2.0,並與BPEL整合進單一執行環境。 過去BPMN跟BPEL分屬不同的產品,而現在則是整併為同一個產品。 BPMN與BPEL都是開發業務流程的程式語言,前者用於流程設計工具中,像是開立新服務或是需要不同層級的允許時,用來呈現人跟人溝通的流程。而後者則是用於整合不同系統,作為跨系統連結流程的技術。余銘信表示,兩者的整合可簡化IT部門設計企業作業流程的作業。

Some of the features touched upon at this lab are:

  • BPM Studio - BPMN 2.0 modeling and simulation unified into Oracle stack while preserving its business friendliness
  • Rich Forms - Rich forms including screen flow trains and drag-and-drop leveraging ADF
  • Dynamic BPM - Business administrator having the ability to view the approval chain and override it
  • Process Composer - Web based BPMN 2.0 editor including a business catalog of pre-wired and pre-configured components for business user customization of processes
Aug 9, 2010, 3:12 PM