EIP 規範

企業資訊門戶(EIP, Enterprise Information Portal)
  1. 企業入口網站指企業的資訊及應用程式利用同一個平台在正確的時間,正確的地點,依使用者權限提供正確的資訊給正確使用者。
  2. 用來進行企業內部信息展示的平台,通常來說包含了企業常見信息的展示,統計報表,其他系統的入口等內容,將其他系統中的部分數據或圖標以信息模塊的形式展示在EIP中。 
  3. EIP的使用者可以自己定義要顯示的內容,這些內容被劃分為信息模塊

Fundamental Features

  • Single Sign-On — enterprise portals can provide single sign-on capabilities between their users and various other systems. This requires a user to authenticate only once.
  • Integration — the connection of functions and data from multiple systems into new components/portlets/web parts with an integrated navigation between these components.
  • Federation — the integration of content provided by other portals, typically through the use of WSRP or similar technologies.
  • Customization — Users can customize the look and feel of their environment. Customers who are using EIPs can edit and design their own web sites which are full of their own personality and own style; they can also choose the specific content and services they prefer. Also refers to the ability to prioritize most appropriate content based on attributes of the user and metadata of the available content.
  • Personalization — Personalization is more about matching content with the user. Based on a user profile, personalization uses rules to match the "services", or content, to the specific user. To some degree, you can think of the two like this: customization is in hands of the end user, personalization is not. Of course actual personalization is often based on your role or job function within the portal context.
  • Access Control — the ability for portal to limit specific types of content and services users have access to. For example, a company's proprietary information can be entitled for only company employee access. This access rights may be provided by a portal administrator or by a provisioning process. Access control lists manage the mapping between portal content and services over the portal user base.
  • Enterprise Search — search enterprise content using enterprise search


Liferay Portlet, http://www.liferay.com/