GAE(Google App Engine)



Google App Engine

If you're a fan of Google App Engine (GAE), or just looking to experiment with it (using CDI, of course), we have really exciting news for you! Weld now has basic support for running on Google's scalable infrastructure. And just to prove it to you, we gave the Weld numberguess example its own appspot, where it's currently running. Go check it out!

If you want to get your own CDI + JSF 2 application running on Google App Engine, Shane Bryzak has done a fantastic job of showing you how to navigate the minefield to arrive at a successful GAE deployment. He takes you through App Engine signup, installation of the App Engine SDK plugin in Eclipse, the required CDI and JSF configurations and libraries and, finally, deployment in part 1 of his GAE tutorial series.

Props to the Weld community for working with the Weld project team to identify and patch assumptions in Weld that prevented it from running on GAE. While the basics now work, we still need help finding outstanding conflicts and getting them resolved in a way that does not compromise the compliance with JSR-299 or the integrity of Weld.

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